Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

"Freshly gathered" 22" x 15" Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. CP
I wanted to go out the blogging year on the DSFDF portrait,
but that seemed way too long between posts...so here I am,
back from a short break. It's time to get ready for a new year.
Organize the studio, clean it up (!), file all the paperwork for 2008,
think about taxes (!), plan out shows, plan out vacations (!), gush
over new journals and sketchbooks, make a resolution to fill more
of them (!), take some workshops, teach some workshops, PAINT(!)
and hopefully enjoy a happy, healthy, productive and creative 2009.


A Brush with Color said...

Yummy painting and that all sounds good to me! Happy New Year to you!! I look forward to more of your beautiful paintings.

Candy Barr said...

the Different Strokes portrait trades was such a great project. Keep up your nice momentum A!

Edward Burton said...

Beautiful painting! I really love your watercolor technique! Thank you for your very nice comment about my painting of Karin J., it is much appreciated.