Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spiced orange marmalade

"Spiced Orange Marmalade" 11" x 15"
This watercolor is one I painted about 9 years ago for a
Holiday card. It featured this painting, plus the recipe for
spiced orange marmalade. I set up the still life on the kitchen
table and painted the ingredients needed for the recipe. A fun
challenge...I should try that again sometime. I never heard from
any of the card recipients if they actually made the jam! To be
perfectly honest I never tried it myself..I was more interested
in the process of painting the ingredients! Maybe this year, who knows.


Anonymous said...

Deliciously edible painting and what a neat idea to include the recipe.


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! I wouldn't care if they'd made it--I wonder how many now have it hanging framed in their homes somewhere!