Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hydrangea Shadows

"Hydrangea shadows"
This is this week's (actually it's a double week assignment)
a link on the right side of my blog whenever I finish my entry.
I've been on the tail-end of the weeks lately...I will try to finish
my painting earlier so it will have a longer time on my blog.
It's been a challenge to participate, but exciting just the same.
I always look forward to Wednesdays to see what Karin will
post for a new assignment. If you haven't checked out the
blog and especially the links to see all the work together on
one page, it's well worth it. All the different interpretations, plus
the varied media that's being used. A great idea.


laura said...

A wonderful interpretation of this subject! You really brought a lot more color into it--and it looks great! )I love Karin's website and every week try to make it in under the deadline; haven't yet--but hoping to this week!)

A Brush with Color said...

That's lovely! I'll have to see how others tackled this, too--I always look for yours in the midst of them all. I can always pick it out--I recognize your style.