Thursday, December 4, 2008


"Blue patterned vase" 15" x 22"
Simple shapes, pure color and an unobtrusive background.
Doesn't usually happen in my paintings...ha ha! I like
negative spaces and filling those up with lots of color. It's good to
stray from the norm every once in a while. I recently
bought some pears and oranges, maybe some inspiration for
a new painting? Actually one pear turned brown within the
day, but remained rock-hard..a lemon perhaps in the pear world?
I just got some new colors and am thinking of overhauling my
palette..start clean and fresh, dig the old, crusty, tired and overworked
dollops of pigment out of my trusty large white palette, rinse it all
under the sink and voila...renewed energy, which hopefully will
reflect itself in some new work!


laura said...

I enlarged this to take a closer look--really fresh washes; I have to study your minimalist background--I love it! I have a few new colors--and a new palette--too; it's always fun to "discover" anew color!

A Brush with Color said...

wow--so pretty! great color!