Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cadmium Red Cardinal

This painting was in preparation for my Holiday
card last year. I posted the actual holiday card in
July this year..click the link to check out that post.
This image has since been changed by adding some
snow spatters over top. We actually have a cardinal
couple residing in our cedar hedge. One year they
had set up residence in the evergreen outside the front
door and we saw their nest full of squawking little baby
cardinals. I think 3 in all. It's nice to see that striking
red color against a snowy backdrop, which we actually
have received in the last two days. Several inches of snow
and bitter cold! Winter's here...


A Brush with Color said...

What a regal looking cardinal. We see families of them at our feeders on the deck all the time. No wonder they're our state bird--they're everywhere. I love 'em. You're right--such a punch of color come winter time.

Sandy said...

Beautiful card, beautiful art!

laura said...

Your cardinal is grand--I love his face! And the way you did the background is wonderful--I'll have to redo my cardinal and try to emulate your technique!
Baby cardinals, wow--I've never seen one!