Monday, December 8, 2008

DSFDF entry

"These boots were made for working"
My latest entry to the Different Strokes blog. I really
enjoyed painting this. Such an unusual subject but it
really made for a great still life. I worked the paint alot
by scrubbing back the highlights...especially along the
top rim of the blue lining. The journal I use is filled with
Canson paper and really takes well to lifting. This was
another two week challenge, but as promised I was going
to get to these "assignments" a little earlier. I'll leave last
week's post in my sidebar for a little while longer. I also
used my new favorite brown...Burnt Umber. It came in my
little travel sketchbox, but I have since added it to my
regular palette.


laura said...

It's fantastic, Annalein. The scrubbing works well to convey the used leather; the laces are superb!! I'm a recent convert to Burnt Umber too--I like it's coolness; works great here with the blue!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

These are great work boots. I admire the way that you paint with watercolor. I am undecided about how I will paint these boots!

Edward Burton said...

Wow, wonderful job - you got some great texture on those boots!

A Brush with Color said...

I love these boots--they're wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annelein, I see the painting is going well. I just love the BOOTS ! Boots and shoes are fun to draw & paint. I have several paintings from the past of my daughters shoes laying all over the floor in the entryway here at home. The " boots project " brought back memories. Happy Holidays

marina said...

Mooie boots,leuk dat je een beetje vreemd gaat(met de paitings)Santa kijkt net zo lief als Gertie!!