Thursday, December 11, 2008


"Curvaceous" 15" x 22" at Green Mountain Fine Art Gallery, Stowe.
Red is the color of the week it seems...It is all around us
this time of year. Red stockings, Santa hats, holly berries,
wreath ribbons, Amaryllis blooms and Rudolph's nose!
Red and Green those opposites on the color wheel. No
wonder they go so well together. We are in for a big storm
this evening into hopefully I will be able to
paint some winter scenes. Does anyone go out and paint
en plein air during the freezing months? Or have they devised
some ingenious set-up in their cars so they can stay warm?
I'd like to give it a try this year. "They" say there's no such
thing as bad weather, it's how you dress for it!


A Brush with Color said...

Ooooh, this one's a real beauty! Love it--always enjoy seeing inside the tulips the way you've shown one here. You're brave to venture out where it's cold and bitter. I commend you if you make it out! Good luck. I'm too much of a wuss, I think!

Mary Paquet said...

Wow, great painting. I love your layering approch and unusual perspective. Everything always looks so fresh!

I once read an article in one of the art magazines by a man who painted in the winter from his vehicle. It sounded like he kept warm (will take a bit of gas) with the heater, pushed the driver's seat back and used the steering wheel as his easel. He did some great winter scenes. The only drawback is occasionally people suspected he was "casing the joint." However, if you are doing more rural scenes, that shouldn't be much of a problem.

I commend you for braving the elements. At night here in northern California, it's been dipping into 40s and even 30s and I am such a wimp that I hate to ride my bicycle until it warms up a bit.

Mary Paquet