Friday, February 6, 2009

Beach Grape

This is a journal painting done several years ago while
on vacation in a nice, warm climate! I will be going there
in my head today, because I am going to the dentist to have
two fillings replaced...ouch. So I will fill my brain with thoughts
of leisure and drown out the sound of the drill...did I make you all
cringe right there? Wish me luck...thank goodness for novacaine,
but I wish they could administer it without the needle part!
(just when you thought I'd talk about colors and painting process..ha:)


laura said...

Beautiful study--the colors and shadows are lovely! It's so simple and light.
Why doesn't someone invent a noiseless drill? It would remove so much anxiety from the whole process. From someone whose mouth is full of metal, Good Luck today! :-)

jgr said...

Yes! I love the idea of a silent drill! Nice painting too!