Monday, February 9, 2009

Courtyard Colors

A study in outdoor garden furniture...
I gathered the paints one day and set up an
impromtu still life in our courtyard paying no
regard to where physical objects started and stopped.
I simply overlapped and combined shapes trying to
come up with a pleasing composition. I like the way the
brick pattern came out and the glass of the table.
Every year we try to get some of the elephant ear tropical
plants. We mix them in with our other annuals and it always
amazes me how HUGE those leaves get and I love the way
the rain pools and collects inside the folds of its foliage.
The dark purple/black variety is especially lovely.


Anonymous said...

Great colors here, Annelein, and I really like the curlicue chair tops, and the way each object moves into the next.

Angela said...

Very nice!
I love the color combinations and especially love the orange of those seats!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Not only is the color combination lovely, but the arrangements of the items ... the over lapping you've created makes for a unique composition. Fresh and inspiring.