Tuesday, February 17, 2009

White paper

"White flower bouquet"
Sometimes the white of the paper just says more than
all the colors in your paint tubes. I enjoy Fabriano Artistico
Extra White 140 lb. CP or SP. I really like the bright white
of this paper and the softer surface. Arches has come out
with a bright white paper as well, since it's original paper
has an off-white hue...Then there is the sizing issue..internal,
external, animal sizing or vegetable...The more sizing to the
paper the "harder" the surface and less bleeding of pigments.


Angela said...

I love the SoftPress paper - glad to hear someone else mention it!

This painting is so nice. I just love the subtlety that goes into painting white flowers.

A Brush with Color said...

Lovely use of the white of the paper! I haven't tried the SoftPress--I'll have to check it out. Sometimes I love Arches, sometimes not so much--it has so much sizing in it I think. I always used to love Fabriano.

Anonymous said...

It all works wonderfully. Must try this paper. I'm stuck on Arches right now.

Nancy Standlee said...

I found you through Myrna's blog and have a question about the mask you use..brand and type - for instance in the black and white cloth July 15,08.(I tried to leave an email on your web site but had trouble). Your florals remind me a little of Shirley Trevena and are so refreshing. I've been reading her two books and soon I'd like to try some of her examples. Really like your roosters also and I've taken some photos on a recent paint out that I want to try.

I've subscribed to your blog tonight..