Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring Bouquet

"Spring Bouquet" 15" x 11"
The stores are filling up with these blossoms..
I'll wait out the Valentine's rush and the change in
floral pricing(!) to get some to paint in the studio.
I just noticed the other day that there were hyacinths
at the grocery store..3 for $10..seems like a deal, so
maybe I'll try those on for a change. I also saw the tight
buds on some daffodil bunches and need to buy some
of those as well. I don't put them in with anything else
because they ooze a sap that clogs the stems of other flowers
and prevents them from drinking water.


laura said...

You have a way with all kinds of flowers ... I love the combination of white and yellow daffodils with the red-pink tulips--they set each other off beautifully!

jgr said...

I just love your work! Thank you for the flowers.


A Brush with Color said...

More beautiful flowers--very lovely, Annelein!