Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Delft blue dish

"Delft blue dish" 15" x 15"
When I did this painting I really tried to give myself
an assignment of not dipping into the same colors I
usually do. This is pretty hard, because we are creatures
of habit and somehow with brush in hand we always hover
over the same areas on our palette. I've found a new way
to remedy that. I cleaned one of my big plastic palettes and
rummaged through my big jar of colors, then I picked out
some pigments that I don't usually paint with and squeezed
them onto the new, sparkling clean palette, forcing myself
to use those paints. It's actually quite nice to have fresh, soft
new paint in one place vs. dried, old pigment on my regular
palette...it is more satisfying so you actually want to use them!

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