Monday, February 16, 2009

Two views

"Two Views"
I always have a figure of the week image on the sidebar
of my blog, but I hardly ever post them as a regular post.
Since I change them every week there isn't any history. I
really have to figure out how to link a slide show to my blog.
I know it's just a matter of sitting and playing and taking the
time to figure it out...but..time, time, time. I've been enjoying
the weekly figure sessions. Today is a holiday so there won't
be class tonight. I had a good time doing this double view.
I am trying to work larger. It's easy to get caught up and start
on a small piece of paper, so I've been trying to start with the
eyes and make them up to an inch big.

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Sharon said...

On eHow: How to add a slideshow on blogger:

Haven't tried it so hope it works for you!