Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Group of Grannies

"Group of Grannies" 11" x 11"
Thanks for all the comments lately, I've really enjoyed
seeing where they are all coming from. I also got some
advice on slideshows and a blog award...but I haven't had
time to address that one yet. I know I'm supposed to pass
the award on to others, but since I already have the links
on the side on my blog I'm going to bow out and make those
my "favorites". I know it's a cop-out and I'm sorry :( but thank
you to Kim Ratigan for thinking of me!
Couldn't resist the title of this one...not at all what you'd expect!
Had fun with some different color combinations here.



Beautiful grannies ! Nice watercolor.

Anonymous said...

Really nice watercolor. Great use of limited colors.

Mary Paquet said...

I love your choice of colors and the layering on this one. Perfect title.

seesue said...

I LOVE your StYLe girl!
Your 'group of grannies' (delightful name)is sOo lush! Your negative shapes so interesting, the casual drippiness so much more deliberate than it looks I'm convinced.
OK LOve it completely. enough said.