Monday, December 22, 2008

Joy and Peace

This was my holiday card this year. Had alot of fun
painting it. It's the second year I made "snow" on the
image. A toothbrush comes in very handy...but it was
hard trying to find a tube of was buried under
all the other tubes and had to be dusted off since it doesn't
get squeezed out on a regular basis! Poor white...always gets
dissed on the palette. Hope your holiday is white and bright.
I might take several days off from posting, so I'll wish you all
Joy and Peace!


Caren said...

Beautiful painting, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Lovely card. Look forward to enjoying more of your work in the New Year.

Merry Christmas.


laura said...

Beautiful! I love the way you handled the pine needles, using different colors and values. And your pine cone is fantastic--I have tried to paint pine comes several times, and find it quite a challenge ... I wish I could take lessons from you!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

***** Merry Christmas ***** My your season be delightful (: Your card is very delicate, also beautiful as always. We are having the Christmas dinner here at the house with 26 guests and looking forward to all the cooking. My first grandchild Alexxus, will be the star of the season with her beautiful smile and zany personality. *****Happy New Year " 2009 "**** and may all your dreams come true. Debi & Co Jericho, Vt
Looking forward to a workshop or two in the New Year. (: (: (: (: !!!!

Annelein said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments. The workshops for 2009 are in the planning stages! Enjoy all your gatherings with family and friends!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays to you! Lovely--I have made birthday cards with the scrabble pieces--we're big scrabble players--my son proposed to his wife by hiding the ring in the scrabble bag. I love the cool colors in your card. Merry Christmas!